Makeup and Menopause

Here’s a short article to help all brides out there battling with the onset of hormonal disruption. As you notice your skin changing with all the hormonal stuff that’s going on, and sweating becomes a major problem with foundation etc., you might find that makeup and menopause don’t necessarily like each other!

Not something that fills you with joy if you have your big day coming up.

Makeup and Menopause

I just came across this really helpful video from Lisa Eldridge. She’s helping a friend who’s going through the menopause deal with problems like skin changes.  So, if you think you need a rethink about which type of makeup your skin needs as it moves into another era, have a look at this video.

It’s a great video and, as always, she uses great products. Personally, I love Laura Mercier’s primer and Secret Camoflage concealer with Liz Earl’s tinted moisturiser, though the latter can be a bit light if you’re between shades.

Having seen the video, I’m definitely off to give the Laura Mercier compact tinted moisturiser a go – and will give you an update on how it turns out in a month’s time…

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiserLaura Mercier tinted moisturiser
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser

Okay, so I’m a bit more than a month late…

I tried to get the compact but couldn’t!  I ended up trying the liquid tinted moisturiser instead and to be honest, I can’t quite make up my mind about it.  It’s definitely not something I would use for a wedding or an event, but for everyday use, seems absolutely fine.  It doesn’t seem to last too long though, but maybe that’s just because I don’t use that much in the first place.  I’d still like to try the compact version though so will keep trying to find it.

Next week I’m off to Estee Lauder for a makeup trial, so look out for an article on that by the end of November.

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Wedding Hairstyles for Over 40 Brides

One of you lovely ladies emailed me last week, asking for information on wedding hairstyles for brides over 50 with long hair.  It can be quite tricky to get the right ‘look’ for you, and many styles (just like the wrong dress) can leave you feeling and looking a bit on the frumpy side – definitely not what you want on your wedding day!

Up, Down or Half and Half?

I had this same problem 2 years ago. My hair is long, I’m over 40 (actually 50 now) and I had no intention of cutting it.  Needless to say, finding a suitable wedding hair style for my age was pretty difficult.

I knew I didn’t want a traditional ‘Up Do’ – not that I don’t like it, I certainly do, and they look fantastic on the right person, just not me.

So I developed a strategy after seeing the photo of Kate Winslet below.  Instead of looking a bridal pictures, what about studying photos of red carpet events -  women with style and class who have the best hairstyles around, and adapting what you like for your wedding.

The Long and (not so) Short of it

So here are some styles for long hair that I love:

I wanted my long locks as natural as possible, and this is the one I tried to copy for my wedding day. The stylist set my hair using large velcro rollers and I pinned a section of one side with my chosen hair accessory pin.



Kate has so many fantastic looks, and absolutely perfect for an older bride, whether she’s 30, 40 or 60 plus! For Kate’s many, many styles including up-do’s, just google ‘Kate Winslet hair’ and look under the images tab. You’ll find every style under the sun, many of which can easily be used as a template for a mature bride’s wedding hairstyle.


My 2nd choice was Ashley Greene with her Hollywood glam hair do.

Ashley Greene

My own wedding style ended up somewhere between the two.

At least, that’s what I was aiming for although it always turns out quite individual as your hair will tend to do its own thing.

I also had a fringe, but your stylist will be able to adapt your chosen style to suit you – just remember to have a trial run.

Another one I really like if you want to keep your tresses long and natural is Jennifer Anniston’s style when she married Brad Pitt. Those little strands pulled and pinned to the side are gorgeous.

Jennifer Anniston

40′s Hollywood waves are so perfect for a wedding and my favourite of all, Rita Hayworth.

Rita Hayworth

veronica lake


For extra long hair why not try a version of Veronica Lake’s waves. So sophisticated.


There are many variations on the Hollywood ‘wave’ that are perfect for a 40+ bride.

Longer hair can sometimes be difficult to pin up, especially if it’s quite thick.

So if you want something a bit more formal that will perhaps stay in place longer, you could go for the Half-Up Half-Down style.

This was made famous by Pippa Middleton at her sister’s wedding and is a great way of combining formality with a casual air.112734792AZ008_Royal_WeddinPippa Middleton_back
GM ten Galabeautiful-hairstyles-for-wedding

Pinterest is a great place to find all your wedding styles and ideas.

So if you’ve never used it, have a look at it today on the link provided.





Or just click on the top right column of this page where you’ll be taken straight through to the boards for FortyPlusWeddings.

We’ll be adding new stuff all the time so do keep coming back to check what’s there.

Why not create your own?



Wish I’d known about it when I was planning my wedding. It would have done away with a lot of file saving and emailing back and forth with my bridesmaid!

And FortyPlus just wants to help so get yourself a Pinterest account today.

You’ll love it!

Finally, I couldn’t resist putting in this elegant 60′s style, and just love the Alice band.

I’ll do articles that focus on short/mid length hair next as there are so many lovely styles out there.

That’ll keep me busy for the next few weeks!

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Channel 4 Call for 2014 Summer Brides!

Will you be a summer bride in 2014? If so, something very exciting has happened!

Channel 4 is currently working on a series which looks at what it means to be happy in modern day Britain. One of three episodes explores how our ideas and perceptions are changing with regards to long-term relationships and marriage.

I do photo for channel 4 call for brides article
photo credit: mandaloo via photopin cc

Emma Lou Pringle, producer of the show, is very keen to speak to someone who is getting married at a later stage in life, in order to help with the programme-planning and possibly film part of your preparations, such as a dress fitting. They’ve asked 40+ Weddings for our help to see if any of our lovely brides-to-be would like to take part.

They’re looking for anyone that might be marrying in the summer of 2014 who’d potentially consider appearing on the show, and are very happy to have initial chats with anyone that might be interested.

Are you interested in taking part, or do you know someone who might fit the bill?

Reply by email to me personally at allison[at], or leave a private message on our Facebook page. I’ll be sure to pass your details on.


Allison x

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