Unexpected Wedding Trends


Planning a wedding is an exciting time, but there is so much to consider with lots of decisions to be made.

Some of those decisions will vary in their importance in the long run.

But when you’re in full-on wedding planning mode, they all seem necessary.

Of course, we all know that wedding trends come and go; sometimes they change due to technology, and sometimes they change just because of fashion or changing tastes.

This great infographic from The Dunloe highlights the unexpected wedding trends seen in 2016 and gives some tips on how to implement them for your 2017 wedding.

Check it out!

Unexpected wedding trends

An infographic by the team at The Dunloe

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Makeup and Menopause

Here’s a short article to help all brides out there battling with the onset of hormonal disruption.

As you notice your skin changing with all the hormonal stuff that’s going on, and sweating becomes a major problem with foundation, etc., you might find that makeup and menopause don’t necessarily like each other.

Not something that fills you with joy if you have your big day coming up.

Makeup and Menopause

Here’s a helpful video from Lisa Eldridge. She’s advising a friend who’s going through the menopause on how to deal with problems like skin changes. So, if you think you need a rethink about which type of makeup your skin needs as it moves into another era, have a look at this video.

It’s a great video and, as always, she uses excellent products. Personally, I love Laura Mercier’s primer and Secret Camouflage concealer with Liz Earl’s tinted moisturiser, though the latter can be a bit light if you’re between shades.

Having seen the video, I’m off to give the Laura Mercier compact tinted moisturiser a try – and will provide an update on how it turns out in a month’s time…

Laura Mercier tinted moisturiserLaura Mercier tinted moisturiser
Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser

Okay, so I’m a bit more than a month late…

I tried to get the compact but couldn’t. I ended up trying the liquid tinted moisturiser instead and, to be honest, I can’t quite make up my mind about it.

It’s not something I would use for a wedding or an event, but for everyday use, seems fine. It doesn’t appear to be very long-lasting, but then I don’t use that much in the first place – you could increase the coverage as much as you want.

I’d still like to try the compact version, though, so will try again soon. I’m adding this at the end of 2016, so hopefully next year I’ll be able to report back.

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