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If you’re an over 40 bride like me, I hope this blogsite is useful to you. And to make the “About” page a little more interesting than usual, I’ve interviewed myself, Allison Kirsop, for Forty Plus.

So Who’s Behind Forty Plus?

Just me, myself, I – an ordinary woman who got married recently. It involved such a lot of time and effort searching online for everything, that it seemed a waste not to share it. I thought that other brides-to-be might be able to use the information I uncovered to help them with their own preparations.

Oh, and I just happened to be in my (extremely) late 40’s at the time!

Is That Relevant?

I think so. I found the whole experience of organising my (I mean ‘our’) wedding really enjoyable, but was surprised at how many wedding websites are aimed solely at a much younger generation. There’s a recent article in the Daily Mail which shows how the number of women marrying later in life has doubled in the last decade, so dedicated blogsites for the more mature bride is something that women will appreciate.

Is That Why You’ve Started This Blog?

That’s it, yes – to give other (mature) brides some help with their time really. I spent so many hours in front of the computer, trawling internet sites for suppliers and ideas, so I know how much time it takes out of your day/week. I work part-time from home, so that gave me the flexibility to work around my hours. If I was still working full-time, that would have drastically reduced the time I could have spent on planning the wedding.

So What Can ‘Forty Plus’ Do For A Mature Bride?

Never having enough hours in the day is our biggest gripe. I want to help brides find the things that are relevant to planning their wedding day, so they can cut down on time-consuming web searches.

We all like different things, and we all have different tastes and ideas. If I’d been able to find a dedicated site that suited me I wouldn’t have spent so much time researching individual websites. I had a good idea of what I wanted, I just couldn’t find it easily. So ‘Forty Plus’ will provide informative articles and direct links to relevant websites – and these will increase as the site grows.

Over 40 Brides

Take the subject of bridal makeup for instance. You’re a woman, therefore you’re an expert on makeup? Erm, no actually, and not being a girly girl this was an area of concern for me. But other than generic pages chanting that old “cleanse, tone and moisturise” mantra, I struggled to find great advice. Mature skin needs a different approach. Hooded eyes anyone? And what about when you haven’t worn much makeup for a very long time. Yes, you want your wedding makeup to be more than you usually wear, but you still need to look like yourself. I spent hours researching the best tutorials from the experts and can direct brides straight there with one click.

Through the articles and links on this blogsite, people should be able to find not just good advice, but great advice.

So What Do You See ‘Forty Plus’ Providing?

I see ‘Forty Plus’ as a platform for brides-to-be so they can kick-start their own preparations. Often, just seeing what someone else has done stimulates you, and gives you ideas for your own wedding. The important point is that it has to be relevant, so I’ll be writing new articles all the time. I’m really hoping that people use the Comments Box supplied on each page – that way I can try to help with any problems or just help with finding things online.

How Do You See ‘Forty Plus’ Developing In The Future?

If mature brides-to-be like what they read on ‘Forty Plus’ then that gives me the incentive to keep going and develop the site further. I’d love to see other people contributing articles – that way we can gradually accumulate a database of information. Everyone’s experience and taste is different, so the more variation in terms of content the better. Any budding authors out there, feel free to get in touch.

The biggest surprise for me that came out of my experience of wedding planning was the chance to really personalise part of it by doing it myself. When I was young I was given a calligraphy pen from a neighbour as a Xmas present and have always had a keen interest in the history of the written language, from Egyptian hieroglyphics and prehistoric cave drawings to modern-day publishing fonts. Anyway, I unearthed this old hobby of mine and wrote the placecards for our reception myself. I loved it!

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