Bouquets and Budgets

Roses and gypsophilia, calla lilies, hydrangeas, lily of the valley…just some of the bridal favourites. But how on earth do you decide when you love all flowers? For a start, size matters.


So, you need a bouquet for yourself, posies for bridesmaids and usually pedestal-type arrangements for the church, but you’re not sure what to have. What type of flowers? Contrasting colours or neutral?

Whatever you decide, the main thing to remember is that the bouquet shouldn’t overshadow the dress. You’ll probably have some lovely detail on the dress and you don’t want that covered up in the photographs by a substantial bouquet. Also consider your own size and frame – a large bouquet can look out of proportion on a petite bride, whereas a smaller bouquet might be somewhat lost on someone who is taller, or a plus size.

Make It Easy On Yourself And Your Florist

Of course it will all depend on your budget. If you have a figure in mind, let your florist know as soon as possible. Following the steps below will help make it easier for both of you.

1.  Download or print pictures from the web of bouquets, church flowers, reception table decoration etc., that you like.

2. Ask your florist to provide a quote for the same or similar designs. This will let you know where you need to cut back (if you do), and your florist will then be able to suggest alternative flowers you could use to create a similar look.

3. Alternatively, give your florist a budget to work with and hand over the reigns to them to provide a quote for their interpretation of your ideas. They are very creative people and will come up with things you won’t have imagined, often for less cost than you would expect.

4. Remember that unless you have pictures to refer to, your florist won’t be able to recreate anything exactly as you have it in your mind. If you’re not worried about that, fine – but if you have your heart set on something then supply the pictures.

Have a look at this article for some ideas on vintage floral arrangements for your wedding breakfast table.

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