Homemade Weddings

Homemade weddings are big news now and there’s lots of websites and magazines dedicated to doing it yourself. Looking to put a part of yourself into your wedding theme? There’s lots of ways to do it, even if you’re not very artistic, like me.

Lavender glasses for wedding accessories
Title photo credit: Kimberly Mahr via photopin cc

Personalise your Big Day

When I married my lovely husband some 18 months ago, the best bit for me wasn’t finding the dresses, beautiful as they were, but it was finding the right look for the reception table I wanted. I had ideas, but I didn’t just want to replicate something I’d seen on a website or in a magazine. That was fine for using as a springboard, but I was sure of one thing – there had to be something personal involved. Something that said – “Of course, that’s so you!”

Homemade Weddings

I thought about making little sweets to accompany each guest’s place, but I’m no baker, and in the end didn’t really have time. Anyway, it didn’t really reflect anything of either myself or my husband and I wanted to include a bit of our personalities – something relevant within the theme. I’m also not very artistic, so I definitely didn’t want to try my hand at something homemade that looked as if I’d created it when I was 7 years old!

Then I had that Eureka moment! Test-tubes filled with lavender sugar – the test-tubes representing our science backgrounds and the lavender complimenting my gorgeous Maid-of-Honour’s dress and the boys’ kilts. They were really inexpensive to do and easy to source. Perfect!

So how amazed do you think I was when I found the exact – and I mean exact – same idea in a wedding magazine this month? In fact, they could have been taken from our table! (I’ll get a better photo than this soon, promise …)

Lavender sugar test tube wedding favour
This is our own wedding invitation and menu, with our lavender sugar favours

The reason I’m telling you is that it just goes to show, you don’t have to buy everything for your wedding, and having an input yourself makes you feel good and really adds to the whole day. Incorporating something personal, whether it’s on the reception table, at the ceremony, the invitations or place-cards, it becomes unique to you both, which can never be achieved when you buy things ready-made.

Table corks for wedding placecards
photo credit: carrie-ann-nelson via photopin cc

Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t! By all means, buy everything you need and love for your wedding. If you really can’t do it yourself, there’s lots of talented people out there who can provide one-off ideas and personalise something homemade, just for you. Just remember that putting a little bit of yourselves in there too gives you that something extra. And who knows, you might just find it in a magazine one day…

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