Is Your Makeup Natural Or Chemical?

No skincare or makeup product that exists today can be completely agreeable with every individuals’s skintype – that’s impossible – so bear in mind that many products marketed as “natural” don’t necessarily prevent you from breakouts. We need to decide how ‘natural or chemical’ we are happy using, and to better understand what we’re applying to our skin.

Natural Or Chemical

Breakouts can and do happen with any product, whether it’s marketed “natural” or not, whether it’s just cost you £100 for a very small tube or not. And this applies to skincare products as well as makeup. What works and looks great on one person, doesn’t mean it works for everyone.

The fact is you’re putting something on your skin, and that can have an adverse effect. Anything you put on your skin has the possibility of reacting with something else you’ve used, or eaten, if you’re hormonal, or just because it’s a full moon. Often we don’t know why our skin flairs up, when last time we used the same product it was fine.

Find Your Holy Grail Products

That’s why it’s much more important to take care of your skin, than to find the “magic” foundation. If you look after your skin, you’ll need less foundation to look great. Less is always more when your skin is 40+. There are some great skincare products on the market, and I’ll be reviewing the ones I personally tried throughout 2011/2012, my year of wedding planning. I’m writing articles at the moment about the products I’ve kept on using, now that I’ve found my own holy grails.

Look After The Blank Canvas

If the underlying canvas isn’t smooth, an artist will never be able to paint a masterpiece, regardless of how expensive or high quality the paint is. Look after the blank canvas, get it in tip top condition, and you’ll get the best results.

We can be swayed by the word “natural” but just a word of warning here. There’s some clever marketing around – we all know that – and we can be duped into thinking that we actually need something, and often we’re even told that it’s good for us. But we’re rarely given the facts about ingredients, natural or not, and accept the manufacturer’s claims blindly without doing any research ourselves. It’s not enough to be told “Oh, there are no fillers, it’s all natural”. Sorry, but that’s just not a satisfactory answer to you as a customer. Right?

So What Is A Natural Or Chemical Ingredient?

Find out what’s in a product. If it’s minerals, which minerals? Arsenic? OK here’s the science bit. A mineral is a naturally occurring inorganic solid (so that includes arsenic, sulfur, silicates?). It doesn’t come from plants or animals and it’s composed of chemical elements. Oh dear, there’s the word “chemical”. But they’re natural chemicals, right? See where it gets confusing?

Most minerals used in makeup and skincare products are comprised of compounds (two or more chemical elements combined). There’s nothing wrong with this, and many people are extremely happy with the results they get, but let’s just be honest about it, there’s no magic involved. The ingredients can be called “natural” if they’re found in nature in their elemental form, but there’s certainly nothing “natural” about the manufacturing process to turn some of these ingredients into the compounds needed to make your cosmetics! Some of these compounds are necessary, for example, to give that silky surface feel, but the same compounds can also cause itchy skin in some people. And just for the record, the much-maligned mineral ‘talc’ is actually more natural than anything found in mineral makeup today, which goes to prove my point about the marketing.

Query The Manufacturer’s Claims

The bottom line is, if your favourite products work for you, that’s great – keep on using them, as long as they’re giving you the results you expect. Just don’t be duped into thinking they’re anything more than what they are – and always keep yourself informed of the facts. That goes for everything you use on your skin, whether it’s skincare products, natural-branding or high-end cosmetics.

What Can We Believe?

The SPF hype is another area we can succumb to and I found out a few things while I was trying out different brands throughout my bridal makeup trials. Seems too much can be just as bad as not enough. Maybe that’s for another article though….if you’d like to hear about it, let me know.

Look out for my review articles coming up on skincare and makeup products for bridal preparations. Meantime, check out Makeup Alley for any products you want information on.

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