Cakes and Flowers

For wedding cakes and flowers, there’s so much choice of design today. But just because you’re having a smaller wedding reception doesn’t mean you can’t have a full size cake. Remember that dummy tiers can be used to create a multi-tier cake for your photos.

Fruit Cake, Sponge, Or Something Else…

The thing about wedding cakes is that they look great whether they’re single or multi-tier, and you can alleviate the high cost by choosing wisely what your cake is made of. Today, people have all manner of things under the icing – traditional fruit with marzipan, sponge with cream and jam or even carrot cake.

Of course, chocolate cake is another favourite! How about mix and match if you are having a multi-tier cake – you could have one tier for the traditional cake lovers and another for the kids. No offence meant if you don’t like wedding cake…

Finding your wedding confectioner is probably something that you’ll decide on by word of mouth recommendation. What better guarantee is there when a former bride tells you how much her cake was admired and how great it tasted. Or if you’re very lucky you’ll have a family member who is talented enough to make and/or decorate your cake for you. Have a look at our Interview With Wedding Professionals column for some great ideas. Or go straight to the articles by typing the keywords – Wedding Expert Interview – into the search bar, and you’ll find examples from cake confectioners who specialise in weddings, like this one here.

Bridal Bouquets

If you have a wedding party you’re going to need bouquets for yourself, your bridesmaids and the church and/or reception. Have a think about where you want the majority of the budget spent. Church flowers can be a big outlay if you want something to have a bit of presence. The reception area can also be costly if you are having several tables, but this all depends on the flowers you choose and whether they’re in season or not.

Have a look at the article Bouquets and Budgets for some tips on working with your florist. For ideas on how to keep it small and affordable but very effective, you should read A Vintage Look For Your Wedding Table.

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