Getting Married On Weekdays

Getting married on weekdays seems to be a growing trend. It’s not written in stone – you don’t have to have a Saturday wedding. Although most couples do, more and more are opting to get married during the week. And for small, intimate weddings it could be the answer. I know a couple of people who opted for a Friday wedding which suited them perfectly.Will You Marry Me

Getting Married On Weekdays Means Saving Money

Many wedding venues are booked out at least a year in advance, so with more choice and savings of around a third, it’s perhaps not so difficult to see why this might be the new trend. If you want to get married sooner rather than later, this might be the way to go.Piggy banks

Having a weekday wedding means you have a much higher chance of securing that dream venue, as well as saving lots of hard-earned cash. That can’t be bad. Up to 40% in some cases apparently! The down side is that guests will need to take holidays from work, and if they have to travel to your wedding it could be too much hassle for them, especially with kids in school. But again, for small weddings you’d only have close friends and family anyway – and they’ll be there whatever day of the week you choose.Walcot Hall Shropshire Dining Room

Which Day Is Best For Weekday Weddings?

Book a Thursday or Friday for instance, and your guests could make a weekend of it if they’re travelling afar. Many people may find that this is a great opportunity for a real family get-together, especially when you are apart for most of the year.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has been to a weekday wedding. Would you recommend it?

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