Kids In Kilts

They look amazing, don’t they? So smart, so grown up. But be aware of potential pitfalls if you’re planning on having them all in the same tartan. I nearly fell victim to this one, so read on…

Choosing Your Tartan

There’s two ways of doing this. Either you have them all in different tartans, each one sporting their own clan, or you can opt for one of the newer tartan lines especially designed for wedding parties. I’m referring to the Pride of Scotland range by McColls in this case. My Maid of Honour’s dress was Amethyst in colour, and tied in beautifully with the Platinum Pride Range.

Book Your Sizes Well In Advance

The staff at any wedding outfitters will tell you, quite rightly, that children are likely to grow some more before the wedding date. In which case, you should leave ordering the required sizes until around 6 weeks before they’re needed. At the time, I thought this might be cutting it a bit fine, but it seems to be standard practice. All fine and well if you don’t have a particular tartan in mind. But if you’ve planned a colour scheme, you need to know that you’re going to get the kilts you want.

Here’s how to make sure you do, and some things to look out for:

1.  Ask How Many Of Each Size The Outfitters Actually Holds In Stock

The company you use will have a database from which they can access this information for you. If they only have a limited number of items in a particular size, it’s really important that you book the sizes you want as early as possible.

2.  Book Your Sizes And Pay The Deposit To Secure

I waited until 6 weeks prior to the wedding (as advised), only to find that one of the three kilts I needed was unavailable. They did have it in stock, but it had been booked out by someone else. Remember that summer weddings are very popular. There was no problem with the outfitters being able to supply another kilt, but it would be in a different tartan. I had been under the impression there would be no problem in obtaining all three kilts in the same tartan, so this was a bit disappointing.

The problem seems to be that they won’t put a hold on your chosen items until a deposit is paid, and their advice is to wait until quite close to the wedding date before doing so. Quite understandable and good advice when thinking about how children often take a growing spurt over a short period of time.

But if having them in the same tartan is important to you, make sure your booking is made much earlier than the standard 6-week period advised.

3. Try A Different Size

I was only saved by the fact that they had the kilt I needed in stock, only in a shorter length than my nephew’s original measurements. It was just an inch shorter so I decided to take a chance with it – with youngsters, they usually have them hanging down further anyway, particularly if they’re skin and bone!

On the day it looked just fine, so you can get away with trying out a different size, providing they have it in stock of course. I must admit, they looked stunning and so grown-up. A real memory moment…

For the flowergirl, she was much easier – have a look at the article, Affordable Dresses For Flowergirls for links to High Street Designs which are perfect for the little ones.

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