Finding Your Perfect Wedding Shoes

So many shoes, but only one pair of feet! Ok, here’s a quick article to help you locate those perfect shoes for your big day. For my own wedding I ended up with 3 pair, none of which have ever, or will ever be worn! But oh, so pretty…Diane Hassall Indian Summer wedding shoes

I really wanted Diane Hassall’s Indian Summer wedding shoes (left) but in the end went for price and comfort (hey, I’m 49 and have been out of heels for more than 20 years now!).
I chose Lizzie (right) by Rainbow Club (link below). Lizzie wedding shoes by Rainbow ClubThey really are comfortable, and would definitely be my recommendation. Also, they won’t break the bank which is just as well, as mine went in the bin the following morning after being trashed by the rain and mud! You have been warned…

So for all the shoe hunters out there, here’s a list to help. I’ve included everything from a wide range of prices (and heel size) so there should be something here to help. I’ll keep adding links to this article as I find more, so in the meantime, happy shoe browsing!

1. Won’t Break the Bank List

Rainbow Club

Vintage Wedding Shoes

Elegant Steps

Paradox London

2. Very Special – Go On, Spoil Yourself

Emmy Shoes

Freya Rose

Harriet Wilde

Benjamin Adams

3. And the Ones Everyone Knows…

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo

Let me know if you have a great website to share and I’ll add it to the list.  Hope it’s been useful. x

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