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Budget weddings! We all want to know how to do it well, but on a shoestring. I’ve been neglecting the site it seems. That’s the problem with hobbies – your day job takes you away from other stuff you’d rather be doing. Like writing blog posts for 40+ brides! So to make amends I thought I’d take a look at how to create your great wedding theme on a budget.

Searching for budget info

Just google ‘weddings on a budget’ and you’ll find lots of hits on the first page (which is usually all anyone looks at). So I’ve been delving deeper into the later pages to see what hidden gems there are. Here’s some of the best sites I found:

1. Wedding Ideas Magazine

Lots of blog posts on a wide variety of ideas for DIY and tips on how to save money but still have a great wedding. And that includes the dress!


2.  The Broke Bride

Nothing fancy here – just good old fashioned no nonsense tips and advice. Good if you are planning a very short notice wedding.

3.  The Simple Dollar

For a frugal (not cheap) wedding – love this one especially #2, “Ask for wedding help instead of wedding gifts”. Brilliant!

weddings on a budget
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4.  Video Jug

Nice video highlighting some essential things to consider when planning your budget.

5.  Local Council Advice from Oxfordshire (yes, really)











I completely agree with the point about invitations. If I had to do it again (much as I loved my design for our invitations), I’d go with purchasing some nice cards from a stationer and paying a professional calligrapher to do it. I’ve put some examples on Pinterest for you.

I got this done for a friend recently (table place cards) and they looked amazing, as well as costing surprisingly much less than I would expect for this service.

I’ve seen some that look kinda messy, but if  you can find someone who does copper script writing, now that’s something special and a real talent.

6.  Weddings in Italy

This was an interesting find. How about combining your wedding with your honeymoon? Different priced packages available and seems like a great idea for a small wedding.


Hope these links are useful, and I’ll try to be more proactive in future. I think it’s time to look at winter weddings next… Watch this space.


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