Bridal Makeup When You’re Over 40

Here are some great YouTube video clips for classic, natural bridal looks that will suit everyone, not just the over 40 bride. Learn the basics from these experts, find the products that work best for you and you can easily do it yourself on the day. Bridal makeup when you’re over 40 doesn’t have to be a challenge!

Learn From The Experts

Whether you do it yourself, or hire someone to do your bridal makeup for you, you need to know which skincare products and makeup brands suit your skin. For anyone who hasn’t heard of Makeup Alley, just follow the link for excellent reviews on every cosmetic brand you can think of!

A word of warning – don’t use anything new for the first time just before the wedding, and certainly not on the day. You can have a reaction to any ingredient in today’s cosmetics and skincare potions which is why it’s so important to find good products that work for you.

Samantha Chapman’s bridal tutorial

Another great makeup artist is Wayne Goss and you can also find him on YouTube.  He is fantastic for great tips for applying makeup to more mature skin. Have a look at his videos with Mandy, his long suffering (but extremely lucky) friend.

It was through Wayne’s videos that I discovered Kett foundation which truly is the holy grail and in the same price range as most other top end brand cosmetics. Keep an eye out for articles coming up soon for tips on foundations and tinted moisturisers.

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