Tips For Planning A Small Wedding

I loved organising our wedding – but I also understand how time is very precious when you have family and work to consider. Here are some tips for planning a small wedding and how to keep sane while making sure it all goes to plan.

Enlist Help To Plan Your Wedding

Vital! Over the course of one year, from engagement to marriage ceremony, I trawled the internet (assisted by one long-suffering but fantastic Maid of Honour) searching for the stationery, the dress, the cake… need I go on. And we had a ball! It’s so much more exciting when you can share it with someone who is just as enthusiastic as you. I don’t mean that the groom isn’t, it’s just that he’s probably not going to be much help in the ‘which colour scheme’ department.

It’s also great to have someone to bounce things off if you’re struggling to make your mind up over napkin designs, or flower arrangements for instance. If you’re not too aware of colour coordination, get the help of a friend who is! People are always willing to help out and offer their opinion. You don’t have to take it, but it might give you another idea to try out.

Seek out advice from friends and family and let them help.

Which Wedding Dress? What About The Groom?

You might feel that your age is dictating what is (for want of a better word), “appropriate”. It can seem difficult to find the right thing for you, whether it’s the dress, the reception venue or simply the flowers.  Well guess what. The great news is that you’re old enough to do what you jolly well please, and if you’re paying for it yourselves you only need to please each other.

For ideas on different styles for your wedding dress, suit, or even trouser suit (remember Bianca Jagger) – have a look at the article Vintage Vogue. The biggest outlay will probably be your own, and your bridesmaid or Maid of Honour’s outfit. Children are easier. For younger boys you might like to have them in kilts, and for young bridesmaids and flowergirls there are some very affordable options today.

For a great service and selection of gents’ wedding attire, I can thoroughly recommend Formally Yours. They provide exceptional service and a UK-wide delivery. Just make sure that you clear it with them about where you are if you’re quite far north, in case they need an extra day for delivery.

Which Wedding Venue?

If you’re not sure where to hold the reception, go and see a couple of venues and don’t take what you see on the internet as the whole story. You need to see for yourself that you’re happy with the surroundings. Also, city prices far outstrip smaller places and in my experience offer much less, unless you’re going top end of course. By visiting, you can also see first-hand what the place really offers.

When I realised that my first choice of venue was far too big for our small wedding party, I thought I’d have to look elsewhere. We weren’t having an evening dance, so didn’t need a dance floor. They were able to come up with an alternative for us, and we had the use of their lovely dining room for the whole day and evening – it was absolutely perfect. So remember – ask if your choice of venue has different sizes of rooms to cater for your particular party.

What’s Next When Planning A Small Wedding?

Once you’ve got the outfits and the venue sorted out, you can see to things like the flowers and the table decoration. This was my favourite bit and I loved coming up with different ideas for the table displays.

Have a look at some of the articles I’ve written for ideas on what you can do, and links to good websites I found while doing my own research. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

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