Wedding Music – Handel or Hip-Hop?

Will it be a favourite hymn, or perhaps your mum or future mother-in-law has a personal favourite? Maybe you know exactly what you want already. Traditional or modern, the choice is endless. It’s your wedding – so it’s your choice.

You might want to check with your celebrant first, but today it seems that getting married is more about what makes you happy, rather than sticking with tradition. Here are some tips and links to help you out if you’re stuck for ideas.

Keep It Simple – Don’t Choose Anything Too Difficult To Sing

A great piece of advice that came from my mother. It’s a good one! For a very small wedding, don’t choose anything obscure that people won’t know, or anything with difficult notes to hit. Why? Because nobody will sing… And if there’s only a handful of you to start with, that’s a pretty quiet congregation. So unless you want to do a solo performance, make sure everyone can at least make an effort. Easy to do if they know the tune at least.

Choosing well-known hymns or songs guarantees that everyone can join in. You might want to send them a link to a YouTube video for instance, so they can hear it beforehand.

A good example would be ‘Morning Has Broken’ – I decided on this one after my mother’s words of wisdom. There were only 30 of us, and if only a handful of people sing loudly enough to be heard then that’s still not a lot of voice. So keep it simple.

To save you the pain and time of trawling through all the lists and videos on the web, here are 10 choices for easy-to-sing, and relatively well-known, hymns.

Popular Wedding Hymns

1.  Morning Has Broken

2.  Amazing Grace

3.  Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven

4.  Lord Of The Dance

5.  One More Step Along The World I Go

6.  Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord

7.  We Pledge To One Another

8.  All Things Bright And Beautiful

9.  Make Me A Channel Of Your Peace

10. Give Me Joy In My Heart

You can hear these, and read the lyrics, by going to the Church of England weddings website. They have lots of information for anyone who wants a traditional church wedding.

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