Marrying Later in Life

Apparently, around half of the marriages that take place today involve people marrying later in life, whether that’s for a first, second or third time. While the majority of wedding resources concentrate on the younger “princess” bride, there is precious little to help the “mature” bride.

I like the word “mature”. It lets me know I’ve finally grown up. Thank goodness. Older, much much wiser, and having walked many of life’s coalfaces (mainly in unsuitable shoes), I’m now ready to move on to the best part of my life. Bring it on…

Marrying Later In Life – New Families, New Priorities

It definitely comes with a whole other set of issues than a younger bride has to consider. If either or both of you have kids for instance, how will this fit and work well for everyone involved? His hamster or your cat?

Merging new families, arranging your ceremony and reception, and, hindered by certain underwear items that claim to give us back our 20-something figure, finding that dress (and shoes) can all be quite a challenge.

Do you even know what you want?

Cast your mind back to your 20’s, and you’ll know just how much your tastes have probably changed.  Even if they haven’t, the chances are that what suited you then is not what suits you now. Finding exactly what you want is definitely not easy as I found out. I can tell you first hand how much time is involved trawling the internet sites for all things “wedding”, especially when nothing seems to fit quite with what you have in mind.

Even if you do, there’s the time factor. For busy career women, mothers and partners, the demands on your time every day mean that you probably only have a limited amount of time in the evenings or weekends to spend on arranging your wedding.

Enter The Fabulous Bridesmaid or Maid of Honour

The life-saver! She’s going to be just as excited and interested in the whole affair as you are – which really means a lot. Someone who has known you all your life, whether it’s your sister or a friend, knows what you like and isn’t afraid to tell you if something different might be better. Often it’s good advice. It can get to the stage where your wedding is all you’re thinking about, and can’t see the wood for the trees. It’s great to have that other person who’s willing to sit in front of the computer and come up with ideas. Two heads are always better than one!

Let me know of your own experiences if you’ve already married later in life, or are just starting to plan for your special day.

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