Wedding Stationery

Deciding on your wedding stationery can be frustrating – you have an inkling of what you want – ‘I’ll know when I see it‘ – but you can’t seem to find a company whose portfolio fits exactly.

Choosing Your Stationery

If they just had this one with that background, or that one with this ribbon……Sound familiar?

Just typing “wedding stationery” into a search engine will give you more hits than you know what to do with. I think it’s important to support local business as far as possible, as long as you can find what you want. Your wedding day is going to be the most special day of your life, so second best is not an option.

Once you find someone or a website you like, get in touch to discuss what you really want. Chances are they’ll be able to design something just for you if you have a particular idea in mind. With today’s printing technology this shouldn’t be a problem.

Time Out To Relax And Enjoy The Preparations

If you need a break from the computer, wedding magazines are a good place to find suppliers. Take time out, relax over a long coffee, and enjoy some you-time browsing. I fitted this in after my weekly (wedding) weight-loss class and enjoyed a treat at the same time if I had a good result on the scales!

It may be that you choose one company for your Invitations and Order of Service, but decide on another for your menus and/or your place cards for instance. Don’t feel that you have to take everything from the same supplier. Maybe you’ll want your envelopes handwritten in beautiful wedding calligraphy, especially if you’re keeping it small and can afford to go that extra mile for something pretty special. If so, you’ll definitely want to read our interview with Kalli Weddings.

Looking back, planning our wedding was one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done. It took about 6 months and the whole year went so fast. If you get stressed out about planning, or the whole idea fills you with dread, enlist the support of family and friends. There’s bound to be someone who loves doing it and happy to take the reins if that’s what you want.

Have a look through the articles to see if there’s anything that takes your fancy. You might pick up some tips along the way or even find that you have an untapped creative side to your personality. Happy reading…

For a list of wedding stationery suppliers in Scotland, just click on this link.

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