The Perfect (Over 40) Wedding Dress

So you’re over 40 and you need a wedding dress. You have an image of how you want to look (maybe, kind of?) and you’ve probably got a style of dress in mind. Funny thing is, sometimes it’s the one you didn’t expect to like that actually suits you best!

Choosing The Right Cut For Your Shape and Size

I was adamant I didn’t want anything off the shoulder and absolutely loved the idea of lace sleeves and a v-neckline. I found a couple of dresses in this style and they were beautiful. Alas, not on me! They turned me into a middle-aged frump and the image in the mirror was NOT what I had in mind for my wedding photos.

Take the advice of the sales assistant – she’s trained in what will suit your frame and figure, and if she suggests something to try, just do it. What have you got to lose? I did, and couldn’t believe how much I liked how an off-shoulder dress looked on me compared with what I thought I wanted.

Make sure you have someone with you as well, like your mum, sister, or bridesmaid. They’ll tell you the truth and let you know when something’s not right, or when the dress turns up. When I decided on mine, the shop assistants brought out a bottle champagne and a couple of glasses for myself and my Maid of Honour who was with me. Apparently they always “toast” the dress when a bride-to-be makes her decision. A lovely touch.

It’s also helpful to take photos to check that the style of skirt is suited to your height if, like me, you’re a bit on the short side. Sometimes what you see in the mirror isn’t reflected in the photographs, and you might find that a particular cut or style of dress is not as flattering as you initially thought.

Choices for an Over 40 Wedding Dress

Have a look at the article Vintage Vogue for some great pictures on a past era and up-to-date versions of classic designs.

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