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This week I’m speaking with Kirsteen Connell, the woman behind the latest Wedding Accessories company to hit the catwalk, offering real choices for 40+ brides.

Wedding Accessories Bridal Hair
Bridal Hair Accessories

The business officially launched in February 2013, and you’ll be able to see the trend setting designs at the SECC Wedding Show on 23/24 Feb 2013.

Hi Kirsteen,

What’s the Concept Behind Bella Brilla?

Wedding Accessories Bridal Jewellery
Bridal Jewellery

Bella Brilla is a new innovation in special occasion accessory design. We cater for all tastes, and have exclusive collections of hair accessories, jewellery, bags, corsetry, lingerie and hosiery from fantastic UK designers. We place a huge emphasis on ‘styling your way’ with options for you to personalise the core design – so you are unique. Nothing worse than walking into a party or an occasion and someone has the same accessories….

And Where Can We Find Bella Brilla?

Wedding Hair Accessories
Wedding Hair Accessories

We are mainly an e-commerce business with a very carefully hand picked selection of Stockists throughout the UK. We’re looking for Stockists with a company ethos in line with our own, and we want to build a brand name synonymous with innovation in design. We feel the market is stagnant in terms of design and it’s time someone shook it up a bit!

Why Did You Decide To Focus On The Wedding Industry?

Wedding Accessories Bridal Pearl Cuff Bracelet
Bridal Pearl Cuff Bracelet

I’ve always loved the romance of the wedding industry. The ability to make so many people happy, by transpiring their thoughts and ideas for their dream accessories into a reality feeds the enthusiasm I have. I’ve worked in the wedding industry for 6 years now with my own label ‘Twinkle Twinkle Tiaras’, and last year we won the Wedding Industry Experts Award for ‘Best Accessories in Glasgow’.

While I was completing an HND in Jewellery Design, I realised how little experience of business and marketing Creative Arts students actually receive. I wanted to create a business that gave students and inspiring designers a platform to shine, while passing on my knowledge of business, marketing and sales. In exchange, they provide Bella Brilla with exclusive collections.

Wedding Accessories Bridal Pearl Necklace
Bridal Pearl Necklace


What’s The Most Challenging Wedding You’ve Had?

Wedding Accessories Bridal Jewellery
Bridal Jewellery

They’re all challenging when you’re faced with creating someone’s dream vision. Right up until they see it in all its glory, your heart is always in your mouth! I’ve made accessories for entire bridal parties and their guests, and I know that my customers have enjoyed the fact they can get everything under one roof. Bella Brilla listens to the customer and aims to please.

What Can You Offer That’s Different or Unique in Wedding Accessories?

Wedding Accessories Silver Gold Kilt Pin
Silver Gold Kilt Pin

I think everything we stock is different and unique and we search vigorously for designers who we feel bring something different to the market. We also pride ourselves in offering items that will suit all tastes. The core designs are fabulous to start with, and we are now bringing a personalised bespoke business Nationwide, offering options to style the designs to your own taste.

All designs from Bella Brilla are exclusive to us and our Stockists – you can’t buy them anywhere else. We’re constantly bringing fresh designers into the fold, while being careful not to saturate each section. This business model is designed to give the designers a platform to shine.

What Advice Can You Give A Bride Who’s Not Sure What She Needs?

The best advice I can give is something I adopt in my own personal styling, “Never compromise your own style, and especially not on your wedding day“. Your accessories must feel like an extension of yourself and if you can’t find them, ‘design them’.

Many Of Us Get Married In The 40+ Age Group. Have You Dealt With Brides Of All Ages?

Wedding Accessories Wedding Cufflinks
Wedding Cufflinks

Many of my brides have been in this age group, and just like every other age group, 40+ brides need to feel themselves on their big day. They don’t want someone fitting them with a princess tiara, just because they are wearing a traditional dress. I’ve created bespoke commissions for 40+ brides who don’t want the ‘usual’ styles, and what has come to my attention is that they like to have their own style – to have something made that makes them feel beautiful, stylish and within their comfort zone.

We like to think that we are not on trend, but setting trends, and cater for all lifestyles and fashions. The institution of marriage is changing all the time and we like to keep abreast of this and show a diverse range of accessories.

What Happens In An Emergency – Will Someone Else Take Over?

We always, always have back up plans in place…..

What Are Your Contact Details If Someone Wants To Get In Touch?

You can find us on the website below, and can also visit our Facebook pages.

Website: (launching 23 Feb 2013)


Twitter : @bella_brilla


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