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Looking for wedding hair accessories? Look no further. We’ve been speaking to Louise Graham of LHG Designs who has the most gorgeous range of hair accessories and jewellery for your big day.

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If you’ve got your coffee at the ready, let’s read about a fabulous designer who specialises in wedding hair accessories – just for you…LHG Designs Bridal 1920's flapper pearl and rhinestone dangle headband

Hi Louise,

Who and What Is LHG Designs, And Where We Can Find You?

Hi, I’m Louise Graham, the owner and designer behind the multi-award winning LHG Designs, a bridal hair accessories and jewellery company. I’m based in Paisley (just outside Glasgow) on the West of Scotland, and been in business very successfully for 4 years now.LHG Designs Delores art deco headband

So Why Did You Decide To Work In The Wedding Industry?

I guess like many wedding businesses it was sparked by my own wedding. I’m a university-trained designer and teacher, so not only do I go through the design process for my clients, I get to share and explain the creative techniques and skills with my students too. It’s a great combination.LHG Designs Grace vintage bridal headband with ivory birdcage veil

What’s The Most Challenging Wedding You’ve Had, And How Did You Cope?

I’ve definitely had a few challenging consultations where bridesmaids have been in slight disagreement with the bride’s choice for them. In these instances emotion can often take over, and I find that it’s really helpful to offer the bride suggestions for hair accessories that I know will work with the dresses. Offering individuality for a bride and her bridesmaids where the same design can be made into combs, headbands or hairpins (allowing for flexibility with different hair styles), is often a great way for compromise.LHG Designs Antique gold with pearl vintage side headband limited edition

What Can You Offer That’s Different or Unique in Wedding Hair Accessories?

My main collection is handmade and exclusive to my brand. I also offer a bespoke service completely free of charge, where brides can create their own jewellery or hair accessories. I really enjoy working with original vintage components and creating one-off designs. My brides love this concept too, especially when it means they can use a family heirloom for instance, and turn it into an original piece of work.LHG Designs Jess beaded flower bridal hair comb with pearls

What Advice Can You Give A Bride Who’s Not Sure What She Needs?

The dress is the main influence, so during our consultation I’ll chat with the bride to find out what her dress is like, and how she plans to style her hair. By studying the detail on a neckline, for example, I’ll advise on which hair accessories or jewellery will compliment it. Just like when you’re trying on different dresses before you decide on ‘the one’, I recommend trying on a range of wedding hair accessories too. A bride will know which style feels comfortable and right for her. I offer free consultations in person and by email, so would love to offer this service to your readers.LHG Designs Delores art deco rhinestone vintage headband

Many Of Us Get Married In The 40+ Age Group. Have You Dealt With Brides Of All Ages?

Yes! Only recently I worked with the most funky 59 year old bride and her bridesmaid. As the bride was wearing a simple empire line dress she wanted a statement headpiece. We worked together to create the floral design that had an amazing rhinestone vine veil. With the bride’s short hair, the design was quite striking.Bridal hair LHG Designs timeless
Photographs by Audrey Russell Photography

What Happens In An Emergency – Will Someone Else Take Over?

I’m incredibly lucky to be able to work from home, and if there was an emergency my family are wonderful at holding the fort. When it comes to actually making the accessories then the sole responsibility lies with me, the designer. I always work with a long lead time, so designs are constructed months in advance of the actual date they’re needed. I also try and hold stock of each item so there’s never a problem.

What Are Your Contact Details If Someone Wants To Get In Touch?

Scottish Independent Accessories Retailer of the Year 2012

Our New Website or call me on 07748628797

Facebook and Twitter @LHGdesigns


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