Wedding Makeup For Over 40 Brides

Finding the right bridal look and wedding makeup for over 40 brides can be really difficult, especially if you’re not used to using it on a daily basis. But don’t despair! A classic bridal look is all about “less, not more”, and the secret to a flawless look is by taking really good care of your skin – not trowelling on the foundation.

Classic Makeup Looks

On your wedding day you want to look like yourself, just a more polished version – the groom needs to be able to recognise you after all.

Have a couple of trials at the usual big brand counters and decide which look and products you like best. Find out what to avoid – there are some makeup brands that don’t work well with flash photography for instance. And the counter staff are not going to divulge this piece of information readily. Chances are, they might not even know!

What was my biggest discovery? That the terms Beautician and Makeup Artist are definitely not interchangeable…so I had to do my research. Find out what others think by checking out Facebook pages of people and businesses you are interested in using. I’d like to do some interviews with local businesses for 40PlusWeddings, so I’ll post addresses for you to link through to in the coming weeks and months.

Have a look at these YouTube videos from the makeup experts who’ll show you how to apply your makeup on your special day. You should search through their individual channels for all the great advice they give. These people are professionals with lots of experience of red carpet and magazine photo shoots, so please do have a look. You’ll find amazing tips of the trade from their YouTube channels and I think it’s brilliant that these professionals are willing to show us how it’s done. Take advantage and learn what you can.

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