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Hi everyone, this week we’ve got a great new wedding planner service to tell you about! If you’re a busy mum, a career girl, or a busy mum with a career – and a wedding to plan – you’ll love this week’s interview…

I’ve been speaking with Gillian Corker, owner of Dream Big Weddings, and here’s what she had to say about her particular expertise.Cream roses and thistle bought

Hi Gillian,

Why Did You Decide On A Career As A Wedding Planner?

Why wouldn’t you?  Weddings are all about love, commitment and happiness, and I love the idea of being part of making a couple’s wedding day special.

Tell Us About Dream Big Weddings And Where We Can Find You?

Dream Big Weddings is an online Wedding Planner Service, providing fixed price wedding packages throughout Scotland. By offering a fixed price package, we make it easier for couples to plan and budget for their wedding. We supply everything from Photography, Invitations, Cake, Flowers, Favours, and Transport, right through to Hair & Make Up, and all from the one place.vintage style wedding invitation

What’s The Most Challenging Aspect Of Being A Wedding Planner?

Trying to find the spark that ignites each wedding is the most challenging thing I face. It’s also the most rewarding. Often you’ll find yourself working with a bride who puts everyone else first, and it’s wonderful to be in a position to help those brides have the day they deserve.

Weddings are always about compromise, just like life, so it’s important to ensure the bride and groom have the wedding day they are comfortable with.  Even though we offer a ‘package’ every wedding is unique.coloured roses wedding bouquet

What Can You Offer As A Wedding Planner That’s Different or Unique?

We’re a one stop wedding shop really!  A great part of our package is that you’re getting your own wedding planner, in addition to all the lovely wedding services, right from the minute you sign me up until the last dance on your wedding day. Hiring a Wedding Planner alone can cost over £1000, and what I hope we offer is value.  Weddings are expensive and maybe it’s just my frugal nature, but I want to get everything out of every last penny tie wedding invitation

We have two packages, one based on up to 30 guests, perfect for smaller, more intimate weddings and a traditional package catering for up to 100 guests.

We also organise a wonderful day out for brides to help them choose their dream dress.  I talk with the bride about her style, budget and requirements and using my knowledge of local suppliers and boutiques, plan up to 3 appointments in one day.  We finish the day with a wonderful Champagne Afternoon Tea for the bride and two friends – a great way to spoil yourself. And why not!black tie wedding cake

What Advice Can You Give A Bride Who’s Not Sure If She Needs A Wedding Planner?

Ask questions!  Ask lots of questions!  Couples often think they need to do what’s expected, or traditional, but a wedding planner has the expertise to find out exactly what the bride and groom wants and needs to complete their perfect day.

Many Of Us Get Married In The 40+ Age Group. Have You Dealt With Brides Of All Ages?

We’re a new company and, so far, many of our brides have been just under 40.  Most couples want to be surrounded by the people they love on their wedding day, to help them celebrate the start of a new adventure in life. Some also want to keep it low-key, with only a few friends or family present. Obviously tastes may differ for different age groups, but whatever the size of wedding party, and regardless of age, the planning of the event is paramount to the couple’s happiness on the day.birdcage favours

What Happens In An Emergency – Will Someone Else Take Over The Wedding Planner Arrangements?

As I deal with several suppliers, there are redundancies built into our supply chain.  There will always be someone available.

What Do You Think About The FortyPlusWeddings Blogsite?

I’m a big fan of having resources in one place! While all brides want a perfect day for their wedding, how they achieve that can be very different. The planning requirements for a bride in her 20’s, for example, will be quite different from those of a bride in her 40’s. The 40+ bride is likely to be pushed by time constraints like balancing a family with a full time job, and may not be able to rely on family help as much as a younger bride can. So anything that can save them valuable time will be a good thing.

What Are Your Contact Details If Someone Wants To Get In Touch?

You can contact me directly on 07850 179 195.  I love a chat so much more than emails! We’re also online at, on Twitter @dreambigwedding, and on Facebook

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