7 Wedding Present Ideas for 2nd Marriages

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Finding a suitable wedding present for a second marriage can be difficult for people.

Chances are the couple already have a home, with everything they need. So sometimes we need a bit of help to think outside of the standard box.

It’s Easier Than You Think

Couples in the 40+ age group will undoubtedly have got past the materialistic phase of life, and developed a new appreciation and respect for the skills and passion involved in handmade gifts.

That feeling of opening a present and being genuinely surprised and delighted with what’s inside takes you right back to childhood. It’s a great feeling! And that’s what you get with handmade gifts, especially when the giver has gone to the trouble of personalising the gift just for you.

So here are 7 ideas (in a range of prices) for great gifts that they most likely won’t have. (And a couple of extras thrown in at the end for good measure).

1. Make it Fun and Personal

Everyone in their ‘middle years’ will have a cupboard full of glasses they use, so they probably don’t need any more. Ah, but not so. How about a set of hand-painted champagne flutes? You could personalise them and add the date of the wedding. It’s a perfect gift and one that’s guaranteed to make them smile every time they use them. These are by Rachael Harrington of Glassmagyck.

handpainted champagne flutes
Hand-Painted Champagne Flutes


2. Wedding (Family) Tree Candles

CandleDesigns of Ireland have come up with a really novel and lovely idea. After designing a family tree candle for a client, owner Paula Sheridon thought how nice it would be to design a candle to celebrate the joining of two families – a wedding tree! These can be adapted to include family names as well as the bride and groom. A beautiful idea for a second or subsequent wedding where two families become one.

Family tree candles as wedding presents
Hand-Drawn Family Tree Candle Designs


3. Make It Useful And Original

Salad tossers with handmade handles are another great wedding present. They have originality as well as functionality, and are guaranteed to be appreciated. These stunning designs are by Weelainy, a very talented lampworker who specialises in borosilicate glass. ‘Slow foodies’ will love them!

Salad tossers for wedding presents handles closeup
Hand-Made Salad Tosser Handles


4. Practical And Beautiful

You can find all manner of great handmade gifts by visiting Folksy – an eBay for craftworkers based in the UK. If you’re interested in supporting independent designers this is a great place to look. This beautiful garlic roaster dish is by Susan Frankel. Hand-thrown pottery with dark aquamarine glaze. Gorgeous… Have a look at her Caractacus Pots if you want ideas for an unusual present.

Ceramic garlic roaster dish for wedding present
Ceramic Garlic Roaster Dish


5. Go For Something Special

A framed print really is a lovely gift. Something to hang on the wall which is personal to the bride and groom, will be admired and cherished for evermore. Perhaps the happy couple have a favourite place, or building? Did they meet at university or somewhere else? A family photo if there are two families about to become one is a nice touch.

Another option is to have something written in calligraphy script. A poem, or wedding vows are quite popular and is a lovely keepsake. This one is by Melanie Roth.

Calligraphy wedding vow poem
Wedding Calligraphy by Melanie Roth

This particular hand-written example by Wishful Inker could have been written for me though! It would look great in any kitchen. An artistic piece of work and a really unique gift that could be made very personal to the happy couple (or maybe just the bride :))

Calligraphy writing on topic of breadmaking
Calligraphy Script


6. Great Looks and Quality

Millions of years in the making, these beautiful dining room accessories are hand-cut Scottish slate by The Just Slate Company. They look fantastic on an oak table and come in a beautiful presentation box. There’s lots to choose from – single and double coasters (great for 2 glasses of wine!), placemats, cheese boards, trays…. the list goes on. Simply gorgeous.

Dining accessories from the Just Slate Company
Hand-Cut Scottish Slate Dining Room Accessories


7. Simply Beautiful

LSA bouquet bowl
Hand-Made Bouquet Glass Vase

Some of the most beautiful hand-made glass and porcelain is made by LSA International. How about this bouquet glass vase for a great idea? Guaranteed to make someone smile.

And finally, here are some things I found that work great as wedding present ideas but, sadly, they don’t seem to be available from the stockists anymore. But I wanted to include them anyway, because as they’re from the Folksy website chances are that you can contact the owner direct for a one-off! Good luck.

From the Folksy website I found these gorgeous handpainted ceramic olive oil decanters from Rupert Blamire Ceramics.

olive oil decanter as wedding present
Ceramic Olive Oil Decanter

Also from Folksy, this enamel champagne bucket by Hipsley & Finn is gorgeous. Enamel ware looks great in any kitchen – fun, useful and a wonderful gift! I wasn’t able to find anywhere else that supplied a similar, personalised gift, but the site does say that you can contact the owner. Maybe they’ll oblige you.

Personalised enamel champagne bucket for wedding present
Personalised Enamel Champagne Bucket
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