Wedding Presents: Lifeline Portraits

Ah, the hunt for the perfect wedding gift – it’s tough, isn’t it? You want it to be special, of course, but also perhaps a bit different to the usual. Especially when you’re buying the present for your soon-to-be other half.

A Unique Piece of Art to Capture the Love

And it’s hard to find something that epitomises the love between two people, or the family they’ve started – something that really captures their commitment and commemorates a day they’ll cherish forever.

But many people have found an answer to this in the original, personal works of art that today’s guest blog writer, Peter Davis can create for them: Lifeline Portraits.

The story of Lifeline Portraits

My name is Peter Davis, I’m a Cheshire-based artist and this is the story of my paintings.

Several years ago I was on holiday with my wife Natalie and our two young daughters, soaking up the sun and having some much needed quality time. I began thinking about how I’d like to do a painting that summed up our close relationship as a family and the incredible love between us. I was really keen for the picture to be different, and in a way more meaningful, than a traditional portrait. A couple of days later we were all walking along the beach, holding hands, and it struck me how I could capture this bond in a painting using each of our lifelines. That was the moment Lifeline Portraits was born.

I see Lifeline Portraits as a way to express the power of human relationships. For me, it goes beyond the shallowness of physical appearances and explores the deeper relationship between individuals.

The idea is simple: I take the lifeline that runs along the right hand and combine its curves with the lifelines of those special to you, creating a work of art that is a unique symbol of a family bond or a couple’s unity.

Lifeline Portraits 50 shades
Soul Mates – a couple’s life portrait in detail

Wedding presents

“Any ideas for what you might like as a wedding present?”

For some it’s an easy question to answer, but when you’re an older couple or have previously been married, and already have the traditional ‘home making’ gifts that people tend to buy, it’s a little more tricky.

My paintings are becoming increasingly popular as wedding gifts because, like weddings, they are all about soul mates and the idea of spiritual love. In a Lifeline Portrait, I am able to capture the essence of a couple’s true love and commitment to a shared life together.

Celebrating a new family

Often when a couple comes together, a new family is created. I’ve painted a lot of family Lifeline Portraits over the years, as they can capture the powerful connection of a family bond. It works fantastically well with extended families too and is a great way to represent the new family coming together. It also feels a bit more special than the generic (and generally more expensive) photo shoot you get in a high street photography studio.

In fact, I’ve discovered that a lot of people don’t always like to have photos of themselves on the wall at home. My paintings enable them to celebrate their relationship with their partner or family in a more abstract and less showy way, yet still have something that uniquely represents them.

Lifeline Portraits modern art
Affordable Original Artwork for a Modern Family Home

Lifeline Portraits can feature anything from a couple’s two lifelines to a big family group. I’ve even made a painting that included seven lifelines from three generations of the same family (aged 5 to 75 years old) as a golden wedding anniversary gift. Their preference was for a more traditional style – they had several prints of Victorian watercolour landscapes on their wall, so my piece needed to complement the existing work.

Lifeline Portraits Turner-esque style
Painted with a Turner-esque Sky

I’ve recently finished a large painting of a family in Newcastle featuring five lifelines. The Cockburn family live in a large period property with lovely high ceilings, and wanted a piece of art that would go on the wall in their family room and fit in with their colour scheme. Jane Cockburn said: “I wanted a piece of art that meant something to us as a family but I knew my boys wouldn’t sit and pose for a studio photograph. We met with Peter to discuss the size and colours we wanted and to sketch our lifelines. The result was beyond our expectations – we love it!”

Lifeline Portraits Cockburn
The Cockburn Family Lifeline Portrait


Prices for an original Lifeline Portrait range from £120 to around £675. They’re painted on box canvas and are designed to be unframed. For more information please visit my website, or follow me on Twitter @lifeline_artist.


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