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I’ve been waiting to find this wedding service for a while now. It’s definitely my favourite art form, and I know lots of you love it too. What is it?

Wedding Calligraphy

It’s the ancient art of calligraphy of course, and when it’s applied to weddings the results are truly amazing. Here’s Terri, owner of Kalli Weddings to tell you more….

What Is Kalli Weddings, And Where We Can Find You?

Kalli Weddings is a company specialising in wedding stationery and calligraphy. We provide unique, affordable solutions and we’re based in Langdon Hills, Essex. The great thing about the team at Kalli Weddings is that we work so closely together. We all have design or creative backgrounds, and our collective experience within Kalli Weddings means that we all have a good knowledge of the wedding industry.

Modern Calligraphic Script Wedding Place Cards
Modern Script Place Cards

Why Did You Decide To Work In The Wedding Industry?

It was a natural progression for us really, to enter the wedding industry. When we started out we initially offered a calligraphy service. Pretty soon we were receiving enquiries from couples planning weddings, and noticed a gap in the market that we felt we could fill.

What we find is that couples are very interested in having calligraphy worked into their wedding stationery. They would love more than just handwritten table name cards for their guests, but perhaps haven’t budgeted for full calligraphy stationery – which can prove pricey.

Although we offer both of those services, we had the idea to incorporate the beauty of calligraphy with the functionality of modern print. The result is wedding stationery with the luxury and tradition of calligraphy, but at a much lower price tag.

The couples loved that they could still have the wow factor with no compromise on quality, and at a price they loved. From this, Kalli Weddings was born. I personally have a huge passion for weddings and what they represent, so this transition was very easy.

'Belangel' hand embossing wedding calligraphy envelope
‘Belangel’ Hand Embossing

What’s Been Your Most Challenging Wedding, And How Did You Cope?

Because you’re dealing with individuals with different tastes, every wedding has its own challenges. That’s part of what we love about designing wedding stationery. Designing someone’s dream stationery and exceeding their expectations is probably one of the hardest things about our job, and one of the most satisfying.

Last minute stationery orders are also a challenge but as a team we work very well together under pressure, and always try to accommodate. Aside from this we have had no real dramas to date (touch wood).

'Eros' invitation in coloured ink using calligraphy
‘Eros’ Invitation in Coloured Ink

What Can You Offer That’s Different or Unique?

Calligraphy as an art form is very unique. There are many different styles and our aim is to bring it right up-to-date while making it affordable to everyone. As well as using traditional forms of calligraphy, we incorporate very modern printing techniques in order to achieve the overall required look. Combining print with calligraphy is something that is rarely offered by other calligraphers.

When designing something from scratch from just a notepad of ideas and inspiration, it’s vital you get the end product perfect. We continue to review designs and change elements until the couple is 100% happy, and we choose not to charge for extra proofs or samples of our work.

'Victoria' invitation wedding calligraphy
‘Victoria’ Invitation

What Advice Can You Give A Bride Who’s Not Sure What She Needs?

When it comes to choosing your stationery, make sure that if you’re on a strict budget, think about what’s ‘essential’ and what falls under ‘nice to have’. For instance, people really don’t mind passing a menu around the table, or sharing between couples. The same applies to the Order of Service – can you get away with ordering one per couple instead of one each?

If you’re having a small wedding, you can also save money by using a wedding programme instead of single elements like the Order of Service, Table Plan and Menus. Any wedding stationer will be happy to discuss ways to save you money and guide you on what stationery is necessary and what is not such a big deal if you don’t have it.

'Blush' wedding programme using calligraphy

We often get asked this question and have compiled a handy guide on our website to give couples a better insight on what they may need.

Many Of Us Get Married In The 40+ Age Group. Have You Dealt With Brides Of All Ages?

Yes, our customers include brides of all ages, which is fantastic. We know that a 20-Something bride often has very different ideas and requirements to a 40-Something bride, so age range is a great chance for us to always be working on something very different. Variety is the spice of life as they say!

'All you need is love' A6 invitation in calligraphy
‘All You Need Is Love’ A6 Invitation

What Happens In An Emergency – Will Someone Else Take Over?

It’s very important for me to build the right team for Kalli Weddings. I need to be sure that if any problems arise through illness or emergency situations, there’s always someone to step into that person’s shoes and carry on as normal. And at Kalli Weddings we have created an environment and formula that works very successfully.

We would hate for something to happen in the middle of production and have to let a client down. Happily, I can say that’s never happened. And I’m confident that we have the measures in place to cope with anything that might happen in the future.

'Valentina Calligraphy' invitation wedding stationery
‘Valentina Calligraphy’ Invitation

What Are Your Contact Details If Someone Wants To Get In Touch?

There’s a contact form on our website that we encourage people to use when making an enquiry or sample request. We’re also available for help and advice on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Fantastic Terri, and thank you so much for a great insight into the world of wedding calligraphy. I’m sure readers will find this really helpful during their planning process.

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